PMINAC 2015/2016 Strategic Focus

A.  Services: PMINAC provides holistic services of the highest quality to all project management professionals to support their learning, networking, certification and other professional development needs.

B.  Member Engagement: Members of PMINAC are fully engaged with the Chapter because we offer them support, services and opportunities that meet their expectations for quality and value. This includes opportunities to volunteer in Chapter operations and management.

C.  Sponsor Engagement: PMINAC has value based relationship with business partners and sponsors who prefer to support our Chapter year after year.                                                                   

D.  Community Engagement: PMINAC stays strongly connected to the project management community and the community-at-large through appropriate programming and services that support engagement.

E.  Innovative and Transformative Chapter: PMINAC is regarded as a model in transformation and innovation by the PM community. PMINAC has Board and volunteer leaders who manage change and continuous improvement through creative thinking and sound execution.

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