PMI Northern Alberta Chapter

PMI Northern Alberta Chapter

Welcome Letter from President


Autumn. This is one of my most favorite times of the year – the days are mellower (okay, this year - rainy), the nights are crisp and clear (perfect for stargazing), and it’s time to head back to school (literally or figuratively).

Many of you know that I am pursuing my MBA in Executive Management through Royal Roads University. The experience has been nothing short of transformative. As I write this letter, I have just wrapped up two courses in economics, and I’m enjoying a much-needed break before elective courses start up in September, and projects kick back into high ge pencilar at NAIT.

Back to school… I still love a box of freshly-sharpened pencils. Consider the potential – an idea, a calculation, a doodle. There’s such power in a pencil. But, what I love even more is the redemptive power of the eraser. I am reminded of the Japanese proverb, “Everyone makes mistakes – that’s why there’s an eraser on every pencil.” If the current times are any indication, we’re going to need a lot of erasers.


These are upside-down times, to be sure, and upside-down times call for a new, upside-down mental model. At our board planning session last week, we introduced a new concept to the leadership team. What do you notice about this map? Correct - the whole world is upside-down. This image puts a completely different spin on the world, doesn’t it? It is this image that will help us to re-frame our chapter governance model – the board is on the bottom, serving our volunteers and you, our chapter members, are at the top.

We’ve got a great year ahead! Our first dinner meeting of the year is September 11, 2019, at Fresh Express on NAIT’s main campus. Meanwhile, PMI is celebrating its 50th anniversary at the Leadership Institute Meeting in Philadelphia, PA, this October, and PMINAC has been named a finalist for the 2019 Chapter of the Year Awards! This is a great honour, and testament to all the PMINAC boards and volunteers who have come before us, and those who serve today – fingers and toes crossed!

Time to level up. This is our focus for the year. Whether it’s taking on that next PMI professional designation, or heading back to school, or tackling a new project, or having that important conversation – it’s time to level up. The world needs you. Your organizations need you. Your community needs you. Your family and friends need you. When in doubt, do the hard thing. Choose to go to the moon. As JFK said fifty years ago, “not because it is easy, but because it is hard.”

On behalf of the PMINAC board, directors, coordinators and volunteers, we welcome you to a fresh new year ahead, full of promise, potential, pencils, and erasers.

Sue Hagen

PMINAC President 2019-20