Project Managers' Community of Practice

For the seventh year in a row the Project Manager's Community of Practice is continuing! Community of Practice (PM-CoP) members meet once per month over lunch (BYOL) to learn from each other about various aspects of project management. They select the topics, a member speaker presents a 5-30 minute informal presentation and members engage in a dynamic conversation giving and taking in their learning on the topic. Members have repeatedly communicated how much they appreciate this learning and networking format.

You can benefit from:

  • Experienced project managers (PMs) advance the profession by sharing their background and experience with participating PMs while adding new perspectives and tools to your toolkit.
  • Less experienced PMs benefit by recognizing the value of their particular experience and gleaning strategies and tips from other PMs.
  • Engaging with other PMs in a learning dialogue on various aspects of project management and leadership rather than passively listening to someone deliver a talk on it.
  • Refining your presentation and facilitation skills, as desired.
  • The opportunity to be a committed member of a community of project managers who teach and learn through meaningful dialogue.

PDUs · 1.5 per lunch meeting

For upcoming meetings please check out our Events page:

PM-CoP Objectives:

  • To offer relevant and desired opportunities to PMINAC members to grow as professional project managers and leaders
  • To advance peer-based learning in the area of project management
  • To adapt the program as needs emerge and evolve
  • To have a minimum of 10 members who form the core community at each meeting.

PM-CoP Measures of Success:

  • Quality of learning as evaluated by members of the PM-CoP
  • Demonstrated involvement by the community as per roles held and rotated throughout the year
  • Facilitator/Presenter
  • PDU Coordinator
  • Technical Support
  • Number of core members participating
  • Total number of participants per meeting and to the overall program

To learn more, ask questions, or express any concerns, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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