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Patrick Ng


Story-telling, story-telling! It's what I'm good at, & that's exactly what makes me a great marketer. 

I believe that we humans act out of emotions more often than logic. We don't buy an item or service because it offers us certain features & benefits, especially with endless available options out there; we buy because we are "emotionally" moved by it - whether we think it's so cool that we want to be a part of it, or it resonates with ourselves that we want to keep it to validate who we are. 

Branding is emotional - appealing to your audience, gaining their trust, & moving them to a point that makes them say "Wow, I gotta have it NOW!!" One effective way to motivate them is to tell them a story about your brand. Every brand has a great story; not only will it engage, inform, & inspire their audience, it'll also help achieve measurable goals for their businesses. 

And so, I'm the connector between brand & clients. Through various communication media, I help job seekers & organizations express their brands in engaging ways, blending with their own personalities. I help them create that craving reaction, so they can deliver their career & business goals. 

Specialties include: public speaking/presentations, marketing/branding, book/resume writing, LinkedIn makeover, event management, fundraising, & sponsorship sales. Oh, I also enjoy cooking; my signature dish is called 'African Peanut Stew With Chicken' (ask me & I will tell you how to make it).

VP, Marketing – responsible for overall marketing of the Chapter and PMI to business, industry, associations, and potential membership groups, associations, and potential membership groups.


VP Marketing

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