Making a difference and creating impact. Reflecting back on the 4 years of fun and excitement!

On June 30, 2016 it will be 4 years since my involvement with PMINAC Board began. I vividly remember being interviewed by former President, Harold Eggert at Starbucks. I couldn’t wait for the gruelling 25 mins ( pun intended) to get over and for me to return home. One memory that stood out from my discussion with him, was the fact that he and rest of the Board members were volunteering their time and made a commitment to make an impact to our profession, our members and establish PMINAC as a leading chapter within the global PMI umbrella. 


Today, 4 years since I had that first coffee meeting with Harold, I can say that the chapter is well on its path to maturity, making an impact for its members, providing innovative services, and being recognized globally as one of the leading chapters. At the heart of this transformation are individuals like you and me, who have a passion for our profession and want to contribute in positive ways. Its the spirit of volunteerism and community support that has helped us get to where we are. Time and again in our chapter’s existence, we have demonstrated this spirit. What has amazed me and continues to do so, is the abundance of energy and ideas that are brought to our attention and the number of volunteers who are looking for opportunities to make a difference. 


As I reflect back on my own journey, I am grateful for having this exposure and experience that I will cherish for a long long time. The opportunity to work with some of the finest, smartest and brightest volunteers, colleagues and Board members is unprecedented. The diversity in our teams, culture and even our Board is welcoming. Without a doubt, this experience has added immense value to me personally and professionally. 

If you are like me, looking for ways and opportunities to get involved, take the first step in reaching out to us ( I promise you that this first step will result in a rewarding experience for you that you will cherish and enjoy.

Finally in closing, I’d like to thank all those individuals, volunteers and board members who I worked with for their generous support, friendship and camaraderie over the last few years. Its individuals like you who make this journey fun and exciting, and help in making a difference. 

Thank you and enjoy your summers.