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As a service to our members, and the project community at large, we have created this jobs reference board. Individuals looking for contract or permanent positions, and companies looking for staff, can use this board as a means of helping in their search.

Any postings must be related to the project management field, and are screened by the Northern Alberta Chapter prior to posting. If you are a company looking to advertise a posting on this site, please click here to submit a job posting. Please note that postings will appear for 1 month or until the position is filled, whichever is less. Unfortunately, at this time we do not accept postings from recruiting agencies.

** Postings must be sent in PDF format**

This information is provided as a public service. The Northern Alberta Chapter of the Project Management Institute takes no responsibility for the accuracy or use of the information posted on this job board. Folder


pdf ATCO Project Management Subject Matter Expert External Popular

By 141 downloads

Download (pdf, 24 KB)

ATCO - Project Management Subject Matter Expert External.pdf

pdf AVP, Program Management, PMO Operations Popular

By 113 downloads

Download (pdf, 226 KB)

AVP, Program Management, PMO - Operations.pdf

pdf DCC Technical Specialist Program Management

By 72 downloads

Download (pdf, 47 KB)


pdf GN Project Manager Popular

By 104 downloads

Download (pdf, 203 KB)

GN Project Manager.pdf

pdf IT Project Manager SMS

By 84 downloads

Download (pdf, 187 KB)

IT Project Manager _SMS.pdf

pdf Manager, Project Opportunity Governance, PMO Operations Popular

By 105 downloads

Download (pdf, 228 KB)

Manager, Project Opportunity Governance, PMO - Operations.pdf

pdf NAIT PMO Analyst

By 34 downloads

Download (pdf, 376 KB)

NAIT PMO Analyst.pdf

pdf NAIT PMO Analyst


Download (pdf)

NAIT PMO Analyst.pdf

pdf Program Manager, Open Space Planning and Design

By 76 downloads

Download (pdf, 172 KB)

Program Manager, Open Space Planning and Design.pdf

pdf Project Manager

By 80 downloads

Download (pdf, 109 KB)

Project Manager.pdf

pdf Project Manager EDON Mgmt

By 86 downloads

Download (pdf, 403 KB)

Project Manager - EDON Mgmt.pdf

pdf Project Manager CoE

By 94 downloads

Download (pdf, 188 KB)

Project Manager_CoE.pdf

pdf Project Manager, LRT Track & Row Renewal

By 31 downloads

Download (pdf, 206 KB)

Project Manager, LRT Track & Row Renewal.pdf

pdf Project Manager, Process Improvement

By 98 downloads

Download (pdf, 189 KB)

Ad_Project Manager, Process Improvement.pdf

pdf Senior Project Manager

By 66 downloads

Download (pdf, 94 KB)

Senior Project Manager.pdf

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