2016 Project of the Year

Presented to  Enbridge Pipelines Inc. 

For: Deadhorse Creek Phase 2 Project: Project to stabilize a slope along Enbridge's most critical crude oil transportation corridor. 


 The names from left to right are:
Hemant Kumar, PMP President PMINAC  Enbridge Team:  Robert Gagnon, PMP, P.Eng. ♦ Laura Harms Kennett, PMP, P.Eng. ♦ Lichun Zhang, PMP, P.Eng. ♦ Will Chen, E.I.T.  ♦  Jomir Soroardy, P.Eng. ♦ Doug Bowes ♦ John Richmond,P.Eng. ♦ Gary Campbell, P.Eng.

Project Winner Non-Industry Specific 

Presented to: Finning Canada 

For: Project Vector


 Hemant Kumar, PMP President PMINAC  Finning Team:Sue Hagen ♦ Bonnie Dawe ♦ Justin LaRocque ♦ Anna Doohan ♦ Sam Ito

Project Winner Information Technology

Presented to:  Edmonton Northlands 

For: HRIS Implementation Project


The names from left to right are:
Hemant Kumar, PMP President PMINAC ♦ Danica Anderson  ♦ Julie Wong ♦ Deb Myshynuik ♦ Heidi Menjivar ♦ Don Simpson

Project Winner Government Category Winner

Presented to:  Alberta Environment and Parks 

For: Reserve.AbertaParks.ca Modernization Project


1. Craig Coward, Consulting Director, Sierra Systems ♦ 2. Hemant Kumar PMINAC president ♦ 3. John Findlay, Director, Parks Operations, Learning and Stewardship, Alberta Environment and Parks ♦ 4. Doug Marvin, Manager, Parks Operations, Alberta Environment and Parks ♦ 5. Ward Ferguson, Director Business Development and Communications, Silvacom Ltd ♦  6. Cathy Wilm, Director, Delivery Management, Sierra Systems ♦ 7. David Hymanyk, PMP, Director Application Managed Services, Sierra Systems ♦ 8. Tamer Elsirfy, PMP, PMI-ACP, Project Manager, Sierra Systems