PMI Northern Alberta Chapter

Volunteer of the Month

PMI Northern Alberta Chapter (PMINAC) recognizes our volunteers and would like to acknowledge these individuals as their contributions make a difference in the Project Management community.  The winners are invited to the Monthly Dinner Meeting as a guest and receive the award.



Volunteers of the Month

July 2020: Rhodora Funcion

RhodoraRhodora Funcion is a Provincial Project Manager for Improving Health Outcomes Together (IHOT) in the Quality Healthcare Improvement department for Alberta Health Services (AHS). She is a certified Project Management Professional (PMP®) with the Project Management Institute. She is currently the volunteer Director of the Study Group Program for Project Management Institute Northern Alberta Chapter (PMINAC). She has been a member of the PMINAC since 2013, a PMP since 2019, and a PMINAC volunteer since 2019.

She has over 16 years’ experience working in the manufacturing and healthcare sectors. Her diverse work experiences from AHS include Workplace Health and Safety and Primary Care, Chronic Disease Management, and Public Health. Before moving to Alberta, Rhodora worked for Jamieson Laboratories Ltd., in Windsor, Ontario as an International Regulatory Affairs Coordinator for the Scientific & Technical Affairs department supporting international product registration. Rhodora graduated with a Bachelor of Commerce degree with a major concentration in Management & Labour Studies from the University of Windsor and St. Clair College with an Accounting Diploma. She is currently completing her Leadership Advanced Certificate with the University of Alberta. She plans to go on and pursue her Masters. Rhodora looks forward to creating more value for the Project Management Institute Northern Alberta Chapter (PMINAC).


January 2020: Maple Rose

Maple RoseMaple is a LEED® (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) accredited architectural technologist and communications professional with an  international career in several industries, including architecture/construction, IT, publishing and arts/culture/education. After working in Japan and England for 8 years in marketing and public relations, she returned to Canada to pursue her passion for buildings.

Currently, Maple Rose is the Managing Director of an online platform designed to simplify the project management of residential renovation projects. Previously, she worked as a Project Manager, specializing in residential and commercial permitting with the City of Edmonton and neighboring municipalities.

She is currently the Board Chair for the Bredin Centre for Learning, and volunteers monthly for the Ronald McDonald House.



January 2020: Ken Harbeck

KH Profile Photo

Ken Harbeck has been in the project management field for over 35 years.  With over 19,000 documented project management experience hours in such widely-diverse fields as commercial printing, computer networks, insurance, energy, software development, healthcare and now higher education; none of it necessarily makes him an ‘expert’, however it does mean he’s seen a few things!  Ken obtained his PMP in 2005 and joined PMINAC in 2009.  Ken has held several volunteer positions with the chapter and is currently the Director of Member Relations.  He currently is Special Projects Advisor for the CFO at MacEwan University where he leads high-exposure financial improvement initiatives. 



March 2019: Adedayo Nariwo

Adedayo DayoAdedayo Nariwo (Dayo) is a versatile technology professional with extensive project management experience. He is passionate about increasing productivity in organizations by leveraging relevant technology, and he has spent the last 15 years of his career delivering significant solutions to different organizations. He brings international experience, having worked both in private and public sectors in Nigeria and the United Kingdom. Until his recent move to Canada, he led an IT consulting start-up through five years of steady growth.  He enjoys the outdoors and as a lifelong learner, always has a new book on his Kindle device.






February 2019: Somayeh Kalantari


Somayeh is an Industrial Engineering Consultant. She is a member of PMI since 2015 and has joined PMINAC since 2018 as a Director Board Support.

She has worked as a project manager and consultant to help improve the productivity and increase the production capacity in lead recycling factories for more than 10 years. Currently she works with various industries and help them to improve their efficiency.





January 2019: Bhavin Mehta


Bhavin is an outstanding Project/Program Manager. He applies the concepts in everything he does.

He has been a volunteer with PMI chapters since 2002 and with PMINAC since 2008 and has held other board positions in the past.

Since February 2018, Bhavin has been serving as the Dinner Director for our chapter.


December 2018: Anna Kaminska

Anna Kaminska

Anna is currently working as an Organization and Productivity Project Manager for a global software development company in Edmonton.

As a young professional, she is constantly developing her project management skills. Since 2016, Anna has been involved in volunteering with PMI. She started as a regular volunteer at the beginning and was quickly promoted to the role of Volunteer Director in one of the Polish PMI Branch’s. After moving to Canada from Poland she continued volunteering and became the Director of Recruitment at PMINAC.

She is very excited to be part of the PMI community and happy for the opportunity to share her knowledge and experience with others.

November 2018: Mahfuzur Rahman


Mahfuzur is a Global IT Leader, Process Champion, and Change Agent with a passion for inspiring teams, and professionals to stretch the boundaries of purpose, capability, opportunity, and performance to new levels. Working with onshore and offshore teams at an early age, Mahfuzur learned to ask a very simple question- “How can I help?”. Today, as a leader in delivering Enterprise-wide IT Service Management, Mahfuzur still ask the same question whenever joining conference calls, facilitating study groups or even attending a total stranger. Mahfuzur wins his battles by providing help and addressing issues.

 Mahfuzur enjoys the opportunity to connect with all the participants of the study and network with other project management professionals.


October 2018: Alan Jeans, B.Ed, M.Ed, PMP


Alan Jeans has been working with individuals with disabilities for over a decade, and currently manages the disability services unit at NorQuest College. He sill feels that he is relatively new to the project management world, and knows he still has a lot to learn from his colleagues within PMI.

With that being said, he is always willing to share his knowledge and experience of project management, which he is excited to be able to do as the PMI/PMIEF Liaison with the PMINAC.


September 2018: Ernani Hoffman

director of social media ErnaniErnani Hoffman is a creative project manager with 12 years of experience in the Marketing and Advertising field, working in interactive and innovation projects for major companies in Brazil. Having focused in brand experience and themed entertainment.

Ernani uses his knowledge to integrate multidisciplinary teams, using different approaches to boost skills and creativity, in projects with tight deadlines. In his own company, Plankton, his job comprises the ideation, team assembling and project management. Ernani got the PMP certification in 2017. Living the first year in Canada, Ernani is aiming the Attractions and Marketing field.

As Director of Social Media, his goal is to increase the PMINAC awareness, contributing to the project management community.

June 2018:  Ian Burns

Ian Burns VOM 

Ian is a Program Manager with over thirty years’ experience, primarily in the oil & gas and financial sectors across Canada and the U.S.  Having developed a strong understanding of operational risk through managing numerous projects focused on operational risk in the financial sector, he now applies that perspective to work on technology projects and actively shares it with the new generation of Project Managers having the potential to be the leaders of tomorrow.

As Director of the 2018 PMINAC Annual Conference, he was fortunate in gathering a strong team who together delivered one of the best received educational conferences in years.  He enjoys opportunities to give back to the community and has worked with students of the NAIT Business Administration Program to increase their understanding of Project Management and its application in business.

Ian has been PMP-certified since 2005 and lives and works in Edmonton.

April 2018:  Bailey Sousa

Bailey Sousa

Bailey is the Director of the International Institute for Qualitative Methodology (IIQM), an interdisciplinary institute based at the University of Alberta, which serves qualitative researchers around the world.  Bailey is also an entrepreneur and workplace effectiveness advocate who recently co-authored the book: "How to be a Happy Academic” (2018, SAGE Publications, London).

Bailey is one of the PMINAC Conference Committee volunteers, leading the development of the conference program.  She is excited to be a part of this important event and is very passionate about her volunteer work.




March 2018:  Ilana Knisely

Ilana Knisley While working at CAE Aviation, Ilana became involved in Project Management, introducing PMI's methodology to the management of technical publications for military aircraft. After joining the Government of Alberta in 1997, Ilana has led a variety of projects and programs involving multiple stakeholder organizations and vendors. She holds the PMP designation since 1999. 


She is now retired and focuses her attention on occasional translation and business contracts, travel, family and volunteering adventures, such as the PMINAC Project of the Year, CKUA Radio Network, the Edmonton Folk Fest and the Yardbird Suite.  


February 2018:  John Kenneth Harbeck

KH Profile Photo

Ken has been in the project management field for over 35 years.  With over 17,000 documented project management experience hours in such widely-diverse fields as commercial printing, computer networks, insurance, energy, software development, healthcare and now higher education; none of it necessarily makes him an ‘expert’, however it does mean he’s seen a few things!



December 2017:  Chinyelu Onuorah


Chinyelu is the Director of Study group for the PMINAC where she supports aspiring project management professionals as they prepare for their PMI certification exams.  She enjoys the opportunity the study group affords to meet and network with other project management professionals. 



November 2017: Sam Saleh

Sam Saleh

I am an experienced Director of Construction,  with over 17 years of extensive experience in commercial and residential projects including, high-rise, Healthcare, and interior fit-outs. In addition to civil, heavy civil and industrial construction projects. Currently, I am working with a prestigious developer in Edmonton, leading the development and construction division in building large commercial and residential project. My current role starts from the early conceptual design stage all the way through construction to handing over and commissioning.



September 2017: Carla Herbers

Carla HerbersCarla is an International Student attending the University of Liverpool Masters In Science in Project Management Programme, specializing in Construction and Infrastructure. She has been volunteering for PMINAC as Marketing Director since October 2014, and successful completed the Chapter Study Program to obtain a CAPM certification.




August 2017: Chris Clifford

Chris Clifford 150x150Chris is enjoying his new role as a project manager at Canem Systems Ltd. Canem is one of the largest western Canadian electrical contractors, specializing in large commercial projects like hospitals, data centres and sports arenas. Canem also works on national projects through their strategic partnership plan.




June 2017: Annette Gerdes

ANNETTE GERDESAnnette Gerdes has over 25 years’ experience as an administrative professional and in project management at a municipal government level. Annette has been the project manager of corporate restructures, a multi-million dollar six-phase space allocation project and a national conference.

Annette has served on a number of local boards and has a strong background in Board development. She has been a long-time board member of the Association of Administrative Assistants, Edmonton Chapter and has worked with the Project Management Institute – Northern Alberta Chapter Board of Directors for almost ten years. This is Annette’s fourth year volunteering for the Project of the Year Award committee.



May 2017: Brian Aucoin


Brian has been the Director of the Community of Practice since 2013. He enjoys the dialogue and learning opportunities the CoP provides. With a good mix of new and well-seasoned project managers, there is always something to learn!




April 2017: Biswajeet Ganguli


Congratulations to Biswajeet (Victor) Ganguli, our PMINAC April volunteer of the month. Biswajeet has volunteered with the PMINAC Chapter since 2010 and, presently he holds a role of Director of Membership. He looks after our Membership’s benefits and programs also assist with our membership recognition programs and awards.




March 2017: Bernice Gordon

Congratulations to Bernice Gordon, our PMINAC March volunteer of the month. Bernice is our director of policy, and has been working on updating our chapter bylaws and ensuring that we are compliant with legislative and regulatory requirements - just one of the ways Bernice makes a difference in our project management community. Thanks Bernice, for everything you do, every day!

 February 2017: Gayan Subasinghe


Gayan is the director of Certification volunteer for the PMI NAC and has selected as a winner for Volunteer of the Month in February 2017.  He's helping out to recognize new certified PMI members.  Keep up a good work, Gayan.



January 2017: Salena Wong

VOM01 Salena

Salena is Web Ops volunteer for the PMI NAC and has selected as a winner for Volunteer of the Month in January 2017.  She's helping out with the website for the chapter.