The Project Management Institute, Northern Alberta Chapter (PMINAC) is proud to offer to its members a mentorship program. The PMINAC mentorship program is a platform to share our knowledge and experiences in being the best project managers and improve our own project management skills.

The PMINAC Hybrid Mentoring Program is based on a one-on-one format. The mentorship program can help you acquire skills, increase confidence, widen your perspective, enhance your career and life, and expand your network.

The mentorship program is a great learning opportunity for both Mentors and Learners where learners can gain valuable real-life knowledge from seasoned project managers, and mentors get an opportunity to sharpen their leadership skills.


The program is available to any PMINAC member and there are no additional fees to enrol. However, participants are responsible for any costs incurred as part of the mentorship program. The mentorship program’s duration is 3 months. The Learners application is open until August 12th. All participants in the program must apply to the mentorship committee. Please note that the submission of an application is not an automatic acceptance into the program.

We are currently not accepting applications for Mentors.

We are accepting applications for learners!
Learner's Application Form submission is now closed - deadline August 12, 2023

We will try our best to meet your mentor preference. However, no guarantees that the preferred mentor will be the matched mentor.

PMINAC members who satisfy the program requirements can earn PDUs. For more information, please refer to CCR Handbook. Mentors and learners will be requested to provide feedback to the mentorship committee about their experience and lessons learned in the mentorship program.

For additional information, please contact: Mentorship Program Manager at

You Can Gain

  • Professional Development
  • Individual growth
  • Earn PDU’s
  • Giving it back
  • Expand your Network
  • Share Knowledge