When you renew your membership each year in PMI, don't forget to renew your membership in the Northern Alberta Chapter as well. You can accomplish both renewals (and any other SIG, or College renewals you have also) during the same on-line session.

  1. Go to www.pmi.org
  2. On the right hand Quick Links menu, find “Become a PMI Member” and click “Join Now”.
  3. Choose the plan that best suits your needs – individual, student, or retiree. 
  4. If you clicked on “Individual”, go to “Individual Membership Renew” and “Add to Cart”. 
  5. At this time, the “Community Membership” option allows you to define any additional memberships you wish to sign up for, including SIGs, Colleges and Chapters. Click on “Browse Communities.” 
  6. To join PMINAC, click on “Chapters” and locate the PMINAC under “North America > Alberta > Northern Alberta”. Click “Add to Cart”. A $30 fee will be added to your membership. 
  7. You must use a credit card to pay the appropriate fees. 
  8. Once you have enrolled through this online registration and have selected PMINAC as your chapter membership, PMI International will complete the paperwork and download your membership information to PMINAC.

Please note that your membership year in the Northern Alberta Chapter coincides with your membership year in PMI regardless of when you sign up for the Northern Alberta Chapter. So to get the most from your membership, remember to renew your chapter membership at the same time as your PMI membership.