KEYNOTE:  The Power Of Ai And Machine Learning - Transforming The Future

with Ross Pambrun

In today’s rapidly evolving digital landscape, the potential of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML), under the guidance of esteemed expert Ross Pambrun, to revolutionize industries and drive innovation is unparalleled. This captivating presentation explores the transformative capabilities of AI and ML, showcasing their profound impact across various sectors.

From healthcare and finance to transportation and manufacturing, discover how organizations, guided by Ross Pambrun’s expertise, are leveraging these technologies to optimize operations, enhance decision-making processes, and unlock new opportunities. Dive into real-world use cases that Ross Pambrun has personally witnessed and contributed to, and explore the ethical considerations surrounding AI and ML implementation, as highlighted by his insights.

Gain valuable insights into the future of these groundbreaking technologies as Ross Pambrun shares his visionary perspective on how AI and ML are reshaping industries, empowering businesses, and shaping the trajectory of our society. Join us for an enlightening discussion that combines expert knowledge, practical applications, and Ross Pambrun’s unique experiences to understand the immense potential of AI and ML in transforming industries and shaping the future.

KEYNOTE:  Purple Cow Leadership: Stand Out as a Leader

with Saby Waraich

Ignite your leadership potential with "Purple Cow Leadership: Stand Out Leadership!" This vibrant and dynamic keynote dives into the extraordinary world of leadership that doesn't just lead but dazzles. Break away from the ordinary and discover how to transform yourself into a remarkable and unforgettable leader. With powerful examples, interactive dialogues, and energizing insights, you'll be inspired to see leadership through a whole new lens.

Powerful Questioning: Getting to Insightful Answers

with Benjamin Chan

Unlock profound insights through the Art of Powerful Questioning. This approach combines active listening, intent, and strategic questioning to unearth valuable answers for yourself and your project team. Learn to navigate conversations skillfully for transformative outcomes.

Managing Quality in Projects – a New Perspective

with Patrick Binns

Project sponsors are faced with new quality management challenges as a result of the hybrid workforce and increased popularity of the Agile Methodology. This session will explore root causes and approaches to proactively manage both project and product quality within the project management context (Agile or other). Attributes of a good quality plan will be introduced alongside approaches to successfully control status reporting and deliverable acceptance processes. Plan to attend if you think you have a quality problem.

Project Management Maturity Journey

with Nisreen Hussain & Shengxi Jin

Advancing Technology Project Management Maturity at the City of Edmonton has significantly improved the cost of delivering technology projects, as well as the engagement of project delivery teams across the City. This presentation will walk you through the maturity journey, key areas of focus and success factors.

AI Uncovered: Exploring Electrocardiogram Insights and Advanced AI Machine Learning Applications in Healthcare

with Dr. Kevin Bainey

Dr. Kevin Bainey will guide you through an intriguing journey into the heart of cardiology, focusing on the transformative impact of AI in angioplasty. In this presentation, we'll delve into how advanced AI algorithms assist in deciphering complex cardiac images, thereby enhancing decision-making in critical interventions. We'll explore the fascinating intersection of cutting-edge technology and healthcare, examining how machine learning is not just supporting but revolutionizing the field of cardiology. Prepare to be captivated by real-world examples, breakthroughs, and the future potential of AI in transforming cardiac and healthcare.



PMI-CP Initiative and the Construction Ambassador Program Launching

with Abiodun Sorinolu MA, MSc., PMP

1. To discuss: What is PMI-CP™ Certification?
2. To highlight the in-depth curriculum with a focus on the construction industry. 
3. To establish how this advanced certification can empower working professionals to elevate their career. 
4. To establish how it prepares construction project managers to lead, plan and manage contracts.
5. To discuss how it will equip professionals to navigate challenges and stay relevant in an ever-evolving field.
6. To have a formal launching of the ‘Construction Ambassador Program’ in the Chapter.

Navigating the Human Element: The Art of Emotional Intelligence in Project Leadership

with Mubashir Sheikh

Let's have some fun by joining an entertaining, interactive, and informative session filled with real-life stories, vivid analogies, and actionable tips. Elevate your ability to leverage emotional intelligence, ensuring efficiency and effectiveness in your professional endeavours.

For project managers, Emotional Intelligence (EI) is a crucial skill set beyond traditional project management expertise. It involves understanding and managing not only the technical aspects of a project but also the emotions and interpersonal dynamics within the team. Project managers with high EI can navigate challenges more effectively, communicate with empathy, and build positive relationships with team members and stakeholders. 

By recognizing and regulating their own emotions and understanding the emotions of others, project managers can enhance team collaboration, resolve conflicts, and ultimately contribute to the project's overall success. In essence, emotional intelligence empowers project managers to lead with a holistic understanding of both the tasks at hand and the human elements involved in project execution.

Presenting Technical Information to Non-Technical Stakeholders

with Tara Dragon

In the age of AI, machine learning, analytics, and other rapidly evolving technology, the gap between decision maker's understanding of technology and the technology itself is widening. The result can be harmful to projects: slow decision-making, poor stakeholder alignment, increased risk, etc. The focus of this session is to share techniques for communicating technical information to non-technical audiences.

Using AI securely In Project Management

with Mukhtar Lasisi

In today's era, integrating AI in project management is revolutionary, yet it poses unique security challenges. My presentation will look into harnessing AI's power for project management securely. We'll explore practical strategies to mitigate risks, ensuring AI not only boosts efficiency but also upholds stringent security standards in our projects.

Panel Discussion

Panelists To Be Announced

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